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Eating Disordered Ontarians
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Hey guys, there are only 2 conditions for joining this community,
1) you MUST have an ED, not just be wanting to “catch” ana or mia, it’s not the way to go and if you aren’t already struggling with it, then you don’t want to. Those of you who do need some support to help us through.
2) You must be from any city in Ontario, Canada or anywhere else close to here. This is a community that’s goal is to help connect lonely anas, mias and EDNOS’s from the province, and let them know that there is someone close by to give them support and thinspiration.

There are a couple standard rules as well,
1) NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS!! If I catch anyone harassing my girls, they will be banned from the community, NO EXCEPTIONS! We deal with enough bullsh*t in out everyday lives, so this is supposed to be a “safe-haven” for us.
2) Naked pictures are more than welcome, if you find someone that is beautiful, and thinspiring, then you are more than welcome to post it in here, but please put it behind a cut with a disclaimer saying there may contain nudity.

Other than these there are no specific rules, if you would like to join feel free, and I will do everything in my power to assure a safe, fun, helpful community for all those involved. I hope that you enjoy this, and if you could please fill this out when you Join, then we can all start to get to know each other better. Welcome to ontario_ana_mia and I hope you enjoy your stay!!

Get to know you:
What City/Town do you live in:
Current Weight(CW):
High Weight(HW):
Low Weight(LW):
Short Term Goal(STG):
Long Term Goal(LTG):
ED That You Have: Ana, Mia, EDNOS, COE or Not Diagnosed
Favorite Low-Cal Snack:
Thinspiration Quote or Pic:
Favorite Pro-Ana Communities:
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