thinslice (thinslice) wrote in ontario_ana_mia,

Hey to anyone who still actually reads my journal..
I know its been awhile but I have been really busy finding a new job.. I quit my other one because I couldnt handle American Cingular Wireless customers yelling at me all day for things I have no control over.. since I quit.. Ive felt very depressed.. no one likes not having a job.. I think I found a temp one at a garden centre for 4 weeks which isnt too bad.. Id get a job in the field I graduated college in "social worker" but im still trying to finish Uni so I can become a full fledged Psychologist.. the only problem is.. I dont feel that in my condition, I have the right helping anyone.. even tho Im really good at it.. although.. they say over 60% of psych's get their own preofessional help too.. no ones perfect right?
Mia has gotten worse since Ive been down.. as well as working out all the time to pass the time..
How is everyone else doing?
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