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New girl here

Good Morning ladies,

I am new in this community. I live just outside of toronto.
I am 26, a mom of 2 and a wife of almost 10 years.
On my wedding day (4 months pregnant) I weighed 96 pounds. Even then I hated my body. I wore baggy clothes and didn't bring much attention to myself.
My HW was 138. I hope that will stay highest anything more would be just plain wrong!
CW 110
LTGW 100
No short term here.
I am running out of time I want to enter my 30's at this 100 lbs weight. That's all there is to it. Funnily enough I know if I ever get there, I will not be happy with it. I will need to lose more.
I make myself sick on a daily basis. mentally and physically. I hate me.
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