diaphanous_soul (diaphanous_soul) wrote in ontario_ana_mia,

I have absolutely no clue how many people still visit this community, but nevertheless, there is still one. I haven't posted since February 29, 2006, and was in a relationship with someone much skinnier than I. Things have changed in a huge way since then. I mentioned in that post I was always hovering around 111-114 lbs, have since broken that and was around 105lbs for the longest. I got healthy, was exercising tons. Then I quit smoking. Turns out my childhood asthma was still there and not smoking anymore coupled with a virus I caught in Chicago gave me an asthma attack + lung infection and I have been on bed rest since last Friday. It'll be 5 weeks of no smoking this Sunday. I'm crossing my fingers I get better soon so I can catch up with my life. There's not much of it, and it's rather boring and lonely, but it's all I got :)

I don't know how many of you enjoy looking at pictures of people with lovely bodies, but here's a couple for those who do. I found them on the community _realthin, so I may be posting some I wasn't supposed to repost. Can't remember. I'll take'em down if that happens. Anyways, if you do really enjoy pictures, check out that community as it is active as hell.

[random pretty pictures]






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i like the first pics
they're gorgeous. I like the girl with the cigarette. I hoep i get to talk to you soon. Sounds like we have a lot of catching up to do. Are there any good times to call if I don't see you online?
As far as this week goes, I'm open as it is the xmas holidays. Have some shindig I'm supposed to go to tomorrow, don't really know when. Heh, I'd call ya tonight if it wasn't 3am!