diaphanous_soul (diaphanous_soul) wrote in ontario_ana_mia,

I have absolutely no clue how many people still visit this community, but nevertheless, there is still one. I haven't posted since February 29, 2006, and was in a relationship with someone much skinnier than I. Things have changed in a huge way since then. I mentioned in that post I was always hovering around 111-114 lbs, have since broken that and was around 105lbs for the longest. I got healthy, was exercising tons. Then I quit smoking. Turns out my childhood asthma was still there and not smoking anymore coupled with a virus I caught in Chicago gave me an asthma attack + lung infection and I have been on bed rest since last Friday. It'll be 5 weeks of no smoking this Sunday. I'm crossing my fingers I get better soon so I can catch up with my life. There's not much of it, and it's rather boring and lonely, but it's all I got :)

I don't know how many of you enjoy looking at pictures of people with lovely bodies, but here's a couple for those who do. I found them on the community _realthin, so I may be posting some I wasn't supposed to repost. Can't remember. I'll take'em down if that happens. Anyways, if you do really enjoy pictures, check out that community as it is active as hell.

[random pretty pictures]






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