betty.Pinlashes (stabbedbybetty) wrote in ontario_ana_mia,

Alright well, I feel I should update so...hear goes

uhm...I'v lost another 15 pounds which means I'v reached my first short-term goal *grins*
schools starting again soon :/ but at least this year I wont be such a fat ass.
even tho I'm 25 pounds lighter, I know I could have done better and I know I'm still a cow.
I want to lose another 10 pounds at least befor school starts but I have no idea how I'm gunna do it since I only have 11 days of freedom left. I think I'm going to fast for as long as I possibly can because I have lots of partys and raves and shit to go to so really don't have time to exercise properly.

but anyways enough about me

stay strong and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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